The Victor Firm LLC offers a variety of unique, customized legal and consulting services for corporations and other organizations focusing on the design and implementation of litigation and conflict prevention, management and resolution programs.

Representative programs include:

  • Employment dispute resolution programs
  • Commercial dispute resolution programs
  • Consumer dispute resolution programs
  • Early case assessment programs
  • Early case resolution programs
  • Integrated conflict management services
  • After action review programs; and
  • Early warning systems.

We have designed these programs for some of the world’s leading companies, as well as government agencies. In assessing, designing and implementing these litigation management and conflict management programs, our lawyers generally work with a multi-disciplinary team from within an organization, including attorneys within the legal department, to explore and create a customized program that will meet the needs of the organization’s culture.

We offer comprehensive services, as warranted, that include a detailed needs assessment and program recommendation, followed by preparation of program documentation, communication and marketing media, education/training programs and education/training materials, and assistance with the tracking, measurement and evaluation of the program. We also offer litigation and conflict prevention, management, and resolution “check-ups” for existing programs.

Our services are typically provided pursuant to innovative alternative fee arrangements. We also welcome the opportunity to partner with other law firms or professional services firms if doing so would better serve our client.

Please contact us for more information about our legal and consulting services.