Comprehensive, multi-mechanism dispute resolution programs can resolve conflict in a manner that reduces the cost, delay, and unpredictability of the traditional court system, while maintaining confidentiality between the parties, preserving relationships, and allowing for creative solutions. Early case assessment and early case resolution programs provide a mechanism to streamline a company’s claims and litigation through the application of a uniform series of tasks for each claim. Through the use of a pre-determined and systematic process, a company’s lawyers and business professionals can quickly and inexpensively evaluate and appropriately resolve each of a company’s matters, usually within sixty to ninety days after the dispute arises, while at the same time improving the quality of the overall dispute resolution process.

And while these programs certainly fall under the umbrella of effective litigation management principles and can be effective as “stand alone programs,” there are additional enterprise-wide and targeted litigation management strategies on which organizations can focus to prevent, identify, manage, resolve, and analyze conflict, such as early warning system, after action review, and other programs. Comprehensive litigation management programs can consist of many complementary initiatives designed to streamline processes and reduce litigation expenditures, and an understanding of all of these litigation management tools is necessary to develop an effective, comprehensive litigation management program.

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