Legal and Consulting Services

Comprehensive, multi-mechanism dispute resolution programs can resolve conflict in a manner that reduces the cost, delay, and unpredictability of the traditional court system, while maintaining confidentiality between the parties, preserving relationships, and allowing for creative solutions. Early case assessment and early case resolution programs provide a mechanism to streamline a company’s claims and litigation through the application of a uniform series of tasks for each claim.

Through the use of a pre-determined and systematic process, a company’s lawyers and business professionals can quickly and inexpensively evaluate and appropriately resolve each of a company’s matters, usually within sixty to ninety days after the dispute arises, while at the same time improving the quality of the overall dispute resolution process. And while these programs certainly fall under the umbrella of effective litigation management principles and can be effective as “stand alone programs,” there are additional enterprise-wide and targeted litigation management strategies on which organizations can focus to prevent, identify, manage, resolve, and analyze conflict, such as early warning system, after action review, and other programs.

Comprehensive litigation management programs can consist of many complementary initiatives designed to streamline processes and reduce litigation expenditures, and an understanding of all of these litigation management tools is necessary to develop an effective, comprehensive litigation management program.

Training and Education Services

The Victor Firm LLC has extensive experience with providing customized ADR and conflict management-related training, both in conjunction with and independent of the implementation of an enterprise-wide ADR, litigation management, or conflict management program. We can assist you in determining who should receive training, develop customized training materials, conduct the training or “train the trainer,” or assist you with any aspect of your conflict management training needs. Our training and education programs have been developed and conducted for business professionals, human resources professionals, in-house counsel, outside counsel, and other professionals.

Our training and education programs are highly interactive and may include group discussions, small group exercises, individual skills practice, and role plays. A team approach is used to present and analyze selected exercises/role plays and illustrate important ideas. A participant’s workbook, with an outline of the presentation materials, accompanies the training programs. We offer one-half day, full day, and multiple day education and training programs. Training programs can be designed as either one time programs or as a continuous series of training sessions. We also assist organizations with the integration of conflict management training into existing education and training curriculums.

Some of our training and education areas of focus are listed below. Please contact us for more information about our conflict management training and education services.

  • ADR overview
  • ADR advocacy
  • communication skills
  • collaborative problem-solving
  • conflict management system design
  • dispute resolution program administration
  • early case assessment
  • early case resolution
  • employment dispute resolution program training for HR professionals
  • facilitation skills
  • negotiation
  • mediation
  • trends in corporate and organizational litigation and conflict management
  • understanding conflict

Dispute Resolution Program Administration

In addition to designing and implementing litigation and conflict prevention, management and resolution programs, The Victor Firm LLC has experience in serving as the Program Director of corporate dispute resolution programs on an outsourced basis. The firm currently serves in such capacity as the Program Director of an employment dispute resolution program.

Our services in this area can be particularly helpful if a corporation or organization lacks the internal expertise or resources for such a role, especially where the responsibilities of this position can be filled on a part-time basis. Our fixed fee for providing dispute resolution program administration services on an outsourced basis is typically less than what the company might incur by having a part-time or full-time employee serving in such role. We provide more expertise for less cost.

Please contact us for more information about our dispute resolution administration services.