The Victor Firm LLC provides innovative services developed to allow organizations to better prevent, manage, and resolve litigation and other forms of conflict. Our legal and consulting services focus on the design, implementation, and administration of dispute resolution programs, and other conflict prevention, management, and resolution programs. We also develop and deliver customized training and education in a variety of areas involving conflict management and dispute resolution.

Innovative Services

In response to our clients needs, we are continually refining existing services and developing new services involving the prevention, management, and resolution of litigation and conflict. Services on projects are generally provided pursuant to innovative alternative fee arrangements. We also welcome the opportunity to partner with other law firms and professional services firms in accordance with the needs of our clients.

Innovative Leadership

Through our work with leading corporations and organizations, we have been asked to utilize our facilitative skills to assist in developing, directing, and managing specialty legal industry associations. For instance, since 2000, we have served as an Executive Director of the Chief Litigation Counsel Association (“CLCA”), which is comprised of approximately sixty chief litigation officers of primarily Fortune 200 companies. These specialty associations are devoted to, among other things, (1) the prevention, management, and resolution of corporate and organizational litigation and conflict, and (2) corporate and organizational legal department management, operations, and administration.

For these associations, our Firm works with the groups to develop and hold semi-annual meetings, maintains their private list serves, conducts annual member surveys and other special projects, and works with the groups’ Executive Committees to direct and manage the affairs of the associations.